The GWE Story!

Back when I was growing up I had an urge to pick up trash. On the highway, streets, parks and Beaches. I couldn’t understand why people would trash the magnificent planet and life source that was given to us…. The Planet Earth.

So in 2011 I had the opportunity to start Green Waste Enterprises. I wanted to show people that the things that they were actually throwing away as Trash,Rubbish has value.

So I started a round in the UK to pick up cardboard,plastics aluminum and electrics. My not-4-profit organization grew 300% in 3 months.

Businesses wanted to be involved in the UK. They were looking for an outlet because they couldn’t take it to the local recycling facility without a license. Landfill charges went up from £25 a tonne to £257 per tonne.

So some of the things we did was a Christmas Cardboard collection service because the local recycling facility was closed.

We picked up over ton of cardboard and donated our proceeds to the local Hospice.

STOP Save The Ocean from Plastics

Now we have started Green Waste Enterprises in the USA and we have made a video to educate people of the dangers that our discard of 80million tones of trash including plastics is affecting our health. Toxins from plastics are now getting into our food chain and the situation is getting critical not just for us but for future generations and the planet.

So we started a Four point plan to fight this massive problem.

1. Educate people of all ages of the importance of recycling

2. Legislate to improve recycling laws in the USA and UK.

3. Take the plastic industry to task

4. Find a replacement for plastic that is biodegradable .

So we are campaigning to make it a law for recycling to be a mandatory program in schools of all ages.

We have made a video for the Internet to educate people what is happening with our food chain

So please it is time to take action and save our children’s children from such an atrocity we owe to ourselves our families and our planet of future generations to come.

Please help us by donating, volunteering and passing this on to others that are interested in the environment .




Thank you for your support .

Joseph Bleacher



Making Waste Worthwhile