About Us

save the oceans from plastic
Save The Oceans from Plastic
Green Waste Enterprises
We are a service based Non-Profit connecting Education, Law and the change of Plastic Production to sustain our World,

We recycle materials to generate revenue then donate to charitable organizations


Our four point plan to “Save the Planet” will help restore the Earth’s Natural Balance.
  1. Educate people of ALL ages on the importance of Recycling.
  2.  Legislate to change recycling laws to focus on ZERO WASTE.
  3.  Take to Task  The Plastic industry for creating this material and not educating the public on the dangers to us and the Planet.
  4.  Replace The plastic material with a durable biodegradable material.
Our organization is extremely concerned with the amount of plastics that are being produced.
Plastics are VERY harmful to the inhabitants of Earth. They are affecting wildlife, humans and the sustainability of our Planet Earth.
We have recently established a presence in #Youngstown, Ohio, USA where we hope to continue to spread the word about the importance of recovering and reusing materials.
Our organisation has collected recyclable products such as printer and toner cartridges, cardboard, aluminium cans and plastics, then through revenue generated we made donations to local worthwhile causes.
Our Core Values are:-
  1. To educate and re-educate every sector of public and private communities in order to help them understand and embrace the importance of recycling.
  2. The collection of recyclable materials in order to promote a cleaner safer community environment.
  3. To generate resources through these materials in order to make donations to charitable causes that we feel are beneficial.
  4. To promote stronger communities through activities.
  5. To promote cleaner communities.
  6. To create employment opportunities.
  7. To engage with people with challenging issues to get them involved in their community in order to develop their potential



Making Waste Worthwhile